Caroline Austin Hand-built Ceramic Vessels

My current work shows my love of the hand built process and the attention to detail it takes to coil large pieces of work. My inspiration comes form the poetry of Art Nouveau pottery and the way the natural forms wrap around the vessels as if they are growing out of the surface. I take my inspiration form natural forms that I see around me, the way they grow and merge into the surrounding landscape or surface that they have attached themselves too. My current work has developed form my recent visits to Falmouth in Cornwall, where I collected images and drawing of plant life and rock formations along the costal path. My large pieces are hand coiled in Black Volcan clay or stoneware crank, with an additional porcelain slip inside, this creates a reflective surface not unlike the light along the Falmouth coast line. The smaller pieces developed from pinch pot forms. The decoration is crafted from building up the surface, this is an organic process where I let the decoration flow around the vessel shape as if it is evolving from the surface.